Our Purpose

Investing in the future generations is one of the main priorities at Pinedale. Our goal is to help guide teenagers through some of the most difficult years of their lives by connecting them to Christ, to Christian Role Models, and to Christian Peers.

We do these things in a variety of ways. We meet on Sunday Mornings for Student Life which is Sunday School time designed specifically to address the lives and needs of teens.

We also meet on Wednesday Nights for Engage. Half of the night is a time of worship and teaching, and the following half is a time of Small Group discussion with teens who are in the same grade and also the same gender. These groups are led by great adult volunteers who invest in the students’ lives.

We also plan regular events with the teens such as Camp, CIY, Beach Retreat, and many others, which are all designed to build up relationships amongst the students while growing their faith in Christ.

Martin Russow
High School Minister

Martin was born in Kankakee, IL and later moved to Phoenix, AZ. He graduated from Ozark Christian College in May 2014 with a major in Youth Ministry. He loves youth ministry because it’s an opportunity to love and equip students who are going through such an important time in their lives. He’s an avid Chicago Cubs fan and often you can find him and his dog, Charlie, hiking. If you walk into his office you will see that he loves superheroes (especially the Green Lantern). Martin is a big fan of ultimate frisbee, snowboarding and a good cup of black coffee.